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An experienced consumer electronics team, operating with the agility of a startup.

We believe in a world where consumer electronics are designed around human behavior, and not the other way around.
Towards this vision, we leverage tools, data, alliances, skills, expertise and alliances to create the products that people love, building value every step of the way.

Our Beliefs

We’re big believers in the classic maxim that for anything to be extraordinary, the whole should be greater than the sum total of its parts. That being said, we’re lucky to have amongst our midst some of the smartest people in the industry; with each individual bringing a specific expertise to make ours an innovative company inside out.


  1. Craig Smith
    Chief Executive & Chairman
    25 year CEO within the consumer electronics industry with a specific focus on brand licensing, eCommerce platforms and IoT strategy.
  2. WK Wong
    Chief Product & Board Member
    WK brings over 25 years experience in Consumer Electronics Development. Prior to joining eBuyNow was the COO of Cinatic Technology Ltd where he oversaw Product Development, Design, and Operations.
  3. Kalvie Legat
    Chief Financial
    Kalvie brings 14 years of experience in finance and capital markets. Starting out with Canaccord Capital in 2004, his focus has been on corporate finance and institutional sales related to small to mid cap issuers.
  4. Katica Viskovic
    Chief Operating
    Supply Chain and Onboarding specialist Katica has 10 years of experience with international supply chain management and client onboarding.
  5. Jason Lee
    Chief Technology
    Jason brings over 20 years in Video Product & IoT R&D Leadership. Prior to joining eBuyNow Jason was the CTO at Cinatic where he oversaw Research and Development, Architecture and Engineering of the product pipeline.
  6. Graem Millala
    Chief Marketing
    Graem brings 15 years of experience in online project delivery, bringing to the table a wealth of experience in the eCommerce, User Journey, and Customer Acquisition Space.
  7. Gary Milner
    Chief Commercial
    Gary brings over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience within the Consumer Electronic industry, including 10 years running a multinational business for a major Japanese conglomerate.

Board Members

  1. Stephen A. Smith
    Board Member
    An accomplished Executive and active Board member, with extensive leadership in competitive retail environments, through Loblaw Companies Limited (EVP Finance, CFO) and Cara Operations Limited (co-CEO and CFO).
  2. Peter Hwang
    Board Member
    Peter is a public markets entrepreneur, recently having a successful public exit from NewStrike Brands, where he served as President and Director.
  3. Steven Yap
    Board Member
    Steven is a board member of M800, an international telecom backbone technology company based in Hong Kong. Steven has created one of the world’s largest VoIP backbone companies over the last decade.
  4. Jared Wolk, CFA
    Board Member
    Jared is the portfolio manager of Vesta Wealth Partners, a leading fund in western Canada. Jared brings decades of private finance experience, and a passion for innovative businesses.

Operations Leadership

  1. Sean Croft
    Wearable Product
  2. Connor Tobin
  3. Dariush Zand
    Sales Director Wearables
  4. Diana Vipie
    Commercial Officer
  5. Brian Pemberton
    Head of Wearables
  6. Casey Ryan
    Director of Smart Home
  7. Sebastien Sauvage
    Creative Director
  8. Alvin Wong
    Smarthome Product
  9. Phung Nguyen
    Product Development
  10. Eric Lee
    Product Engineering
  11. Khanjan Chhaya
    Global Financial Controller
  12. Ben Sharir
    Platform Director
  13. Noelia Bravo
    HR Manager
  14. Eleni Trakosa
    Reputation Manager
  15. Jed Morilla
    Customer Support

Some Favorite Historical Projects

  1. Microsoft

    Microsoft Messenger Headsets and Camera’s to power adoption through retail

  2. Skype

    Powering Skype stores in 92 countries globally

  3. Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp

    Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sharp connected TV Cameras

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