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Driven by data like no other consumer electronics company in the world.

To the world, we are makers of innovative consumer electronics product that align perfectly to the demand curve and delight customers.
But at the heart of it, our success lies within listening to exactly what consumers are asking for, and then making a product that fits their requirements with the right feature mix.
We have had success in collecting, analyzing and implementing on this big data, leveraging our proprietary market intelligence tool and scouring for insightful data points from a smorgasbord of sources.

What we do

We gather large swaths of data which can be used to gain insight into consumer purchasing habits, and consumer satsifaction of products currently selling globally.
  1. Gather millions of product reviews from many sources
  2. Apply machine learning algorithms
  3. Analyze product reviews for Feature-Sentiment correlation
  4. Analyze trends in Review Velocity by product & region
  5. Report on gaps & trends in the market
  6. Partner to create new products to fill a market gap

Why we do it

We believe in removing opinions from product decisions. We use data to decide what product categories we will enter, what features the product needs, and what price it should sell for. We do this because we can.
  1. We believe reviews are the best source for product analysis
  2. We believe in maximizing automation in the business
  3. We want to understand which features people really care about
  4. We want to know which features help products sell around the globe
  5. We want to remove risk from new product launches
  6. We believe in partnering to create successful products

Brand as a feature

Leveraging existing brands
We have a radical way of looking at consumer electronics, where everything, including the brand, is a variable dictated by changing customer expectations.
This helps us create hyper-targeted products that not only solve and innovate on very specific market demands, but package them in a brand that is most likely to plug perfectly into identified market gaps and drive sales.
It also allows us to mitigate brand risk and seamlessly move to brands that have the right reputation cache to fit our product’s functional and psychological attributes.
We have a demonstrated ability to leverage some of the world’s most storied and respected brands towards this goal; having successfully licensed brand rights from Motorola & Kodak, with more in the pipeline.

Meet ProductLoop

Our Proprietary Platform
The most powerful tool within our arsenal is a custom engine that aggregates and draws insights from distributed public consumer feedback online across products, brands, categories, and markets.
Today, we use it as a seasoned research & market intelligence platform to leverage the ever-expanding body of publicly available Big Data around CE products to track consumer adoption and sentiment around a myriad of categories

Big Data to see the bigger picture

Aggregating niche data to identify overall trends
Without revealing the secret sauce, we can boast about the fact that through ProductLoop we pull in close to 1 million consumer electronic product reviews every single day. These data points vary from the biggest Consumer Electronics portals on the planet all the way down to hyper-specific niche sites.
Our virtual ear is pressed against both the booming voice of the crowd, as well as smaller segments like as enthusiasts and power users. Our fly-on-the-wall approach gives us cross-sectional visibility across categories and products to capture true, unprompted pain-points and wishlists.

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