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Our Solution: End-to-end Ecosystem

  1. Use proprietary tool, ProductLoop, to collect data from millions of reviews & identify key issues affecting a category
  2. Design and build products that address key issues with the best partners
  3. Match the products with globally recognized and loved brands
  4. Sell through ever expanding global online and offline channels
The old days of making a product mistake and being able to bury it are over.
It’s a different era of consumer insight.
We have to be more aware of customer demands by looking at big data.


ProductLoop is a market intelligence platform built to aggregate and draw insights from distributed public online consumer feedback across markets, products, categories and brands. It’s an engine that runs on data, driven to identify and correlate customer sentiment, and tuned to maximize the potential for success of new products.

It all starts with data

ProductLoop can gather and process over 1 million consumer electronic product reviews from 38 sites in 14 countries each day. Large and niche ecommerce sites are scoured for unbiased, unsolicited reviews to reveal honest consumer sentiment. We have insight across hundreds of product categories, across thousands of brands in the worlds largest markets.

We mine, record and score millions of reviews. Grading these reviews identifies which categories are trending and provides opportunities. Next we determine the features critical for success and what features or lack of create consumer pain points. ProductLoop data informs our USP before product development begins.

Run by the Product Team and covers two comprehensive assessments. This is an iterative process where insights and feedback are constantly provided to improve the product. Products enter the Product Pipeline only after passing our assessment process owned by the Product, Sales and Marketing Departments.

The Product Team presents the Product Research Document (PRD) with insight delivered from ProductLoop. ProductLoop insights reduce the risk in entering new product categories by learning from challenges affecting the incumbents. This is where all design, development and testing takes place.
All new products are tested by territory through our eBuyNow Product Testing Group. Production Validation Samples are delivered to a curated group of testers across all major markets.

The Marketing Team uncover silver bullets that translate customer sentiment into relatable product features. This is imperative for consumers, retailers and distributors to understand how our product differentiates and informs all marketing and communications.

We build and execute our Go-to-Market strategy to bring the product to market. Marketing defines segmentation, competitive analysis, offering, value proposition and channel strategy. Product is sold through our ever expanding global online and offline channels.

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