A rapid adoption Module, Server and App platform exclusively aimed at lowering the go to market time for major brands.

The Problem

Legacy consumer electronics brands are finding it increasingly difficult to create and maintain a rapidly evolving IoT strategy and development roadmap.
  1. Expensive and complex to develop IoT skills in house
  2. Product development is now highly driven by software technicians
  3. Compatibility with existing platforms is complicated and costly
  4. Product development cycles are long, costly and prone to changes

The Solution

PerimeterSafe is a firmware, server and App platform developed by eBuyNow to dramatically reduce the costs, risks and go to market time for new IoT product development.
  1. Existing WiFi and BLE connected modules
  2. MDK, SDK and onboarding programs
  3. Existing manufacturing partners within the program
  4. ISO27001 compliant

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