Enforces brand standards and reports on the impact a licensee program has on your company’s brand value.

The Problem

Licensors are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain brand standards with their licensees and currently have no tools to accurately report on brand lift through licensing.
  1. No tools to measuring brand positioning of licensing product
  2. Increasingly difficult to managing a global online licensee product catalogue
  3. How to assure a high standard of product support
  4. Inability to review clearly consumer feedback from an international audience
  5. Reduced profits through increased internal handling costs

The Solution

ProductLoop integrates, automates and reports on all the elements of a Licensee Management Program, including offering additional value added services that enable Licensees to meet global demands for their products.
  1. Measure the impact on Brand of a licensee
  2. Marketplace and Competitive Intel Services
  3. Know what actions need to be taken to correct or help licensees
  4. Integrate, automate, and notify of events that are relevant.
  5. Look at trends, forecast, and become proactive in your program’s goals.
  6. Evaluate the impacts of decisions to support future directions
  7. Maintain a consistent brand experience

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