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Our Services

We offer optional value added services that enable Brands and licensees to meet the growing online global demand for product and support.

Our Services

Helping Brand Expansion
We offer optional value added services that enable Brands and licensees
to meet the growing global demands for their products with high quality localized product support.
  1. Product Feedback Loop
  2. ProductLoop Catalog Management
  3. Fully managed Customer Support & Knowledge Base
  4. Global eCommerce and marketplace services
  5. Reputation Management
  6. Design Services

Product Feedback Loop

Knowledge isn’t Power – Action Is
Product Feedback is a major part of evaluating your licensee’s performance in retail.
  1. Product performance reports vs bestsellers
  2. Summary of negative and positive feedback by product
  3. Trending
  4. Company performance reports
  5. Category performance reports

ProductLoop Catalogue Management

Expand your Brand's reach
ProductLoop is a centralized platform for all product catalogue data entry, enabling rapid translation and deployment in your Branded Store in up to 92 countries.
  1. Product Images
  2. Product Text
  3. Supporting Documentation
  4. Links to online resellers
  5. Customer Support information
  6. eCommerce information
  7. Licensee details

Fully managed
Customer Support & Knowledge Base

Protect Your Customer's Brand Experience
Where required, eBuyNow can manage customer support email and live chat in 14 languages, as well as all knowledge base FAQ updates, to increase your customer's self-service capabilities directly from your Brand's web site.
  1. Live Chat in 8 Languages
  2. E-Ticket Support in 14 languages
  3. Knowledge Base management
  4. Support Resolution Tree
  5. Full business intelligence dashboards

Global eCommerce
and marketplace services

Stay Ahead of The Competition
Licensee partners generally have diverse eCommerce requirements on a country by country basis. eBuyNow can offer either direct eCommerce listings or linking to local resellers.
  1. Global eCommerce in up to 92 countries
  2. Supports Product and Services through a single checkout
  3. Full Payment, invoicing, returns and local regulations handling
  4. Turn-key solution to Licensee 3PL setup and product logistics
  5. Optional linking up to 4 marketplace listings per product

Reputation Management

Brand is a promise
Protecting your brand in retail is a vital part of our services. All relevant social media and retail sites are constantly scanned to make sure negative.reviews of licensee products are being respectfully managed.
  1. Most major global retailer sites scanned
  2. No canned responses, only highly trained agents respond
  3. Within 24-hour response time

Design Services

Making products sexy
eBuyNow offers professional Photography and Video services with specific licensee onboarding packages focused on microsite launch requirements
  1. Product shots in multiple views
  2. Packaging shots
  3. Hero Product and Lifestyle images
  4. Hero Video shots
  5. Advertising campaign development

Product Shots
in multiple angles

Making your products look good and live up to the standards that you expect from them.

Packaging Shots

Sometimes packaging is as important as product and we know how to make it stick out.

Studio Shots

Adding props and features to your product photos can add a lot of storytelling and value.

Hero Shots

Your product at it’s best, in it’s natural habitat to express it’s true soul.

Lifestyle Shots

Adding personality to your products through human interaction.

Advertising Campaign Development

We can manage the visuals of your entire campaign to help your product really take off.

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