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Consumer Electronics
with a twist.

We are an independent, data-driven consumer electronics company;
arguably the first of its kind in the world. We work with proprietary tools to identify precise market gaps, and proceed to build, market, and distribute promising consumer electronics with a strictly results-oriented approach.

The most ubiquitous consumer electronics vertical that you’ve never heard of.

We design, build & sell consumer electronics. Our disruptive edge lies in the fact that we are strategically brand agnostic. This gives us greater flexibility to engineer the perfect product-market fit, as indicated by our unique market intelligence software, unrestricted by limitations that other consumer electronics businesses have to work within.
We have a proven track record of creating highly successful products with end-to-end development and distribution processes.

What makes us unique

Product definition through Big Data
We use ProductLoop, our proprietary and robust market intelligence tool to aggregate and analyze market demand and sentiments across 1 million data points every single day. We use data to drive our product roadmap, including selection of product features and price points.
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More than a software or hardware company
We bring together the collective wisdom of an experienced team, diverse product successes, and industry-leading manufacturers and developers to build promising hardware products. We're a different breed of company, focused on responding to proprietary market insights.
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Brand as a feature
We have a radical way of looking at consumers electronics, where everything, including the brand, is a variable dictated by Big Data around changing customer expectations. We partner with brands that have high brand permission in the product categories we enter.
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Global go-to-market capability
With subsidiaries in the worlds largest 10 markets, and direct-to-consumer operations in 32 countries, we are experienced global eCommerce, digital marketing and media buyers, able to maximize the launch & advertising of our products through finely-tuned digital marketing and effective sales funnels.
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Agile disruptors in a massive market

We work with and learn from the world’s most inspiring brands and businesses. In our journey so far, we have worked with and forged strategic partnerships with some of the biggest tech businesses in the world.
It is these learnings that have helped us become market leaders in the product categories we explore, and become versatile and disruptive players in the international consumer electronics industry.

A proven track record

We are strategists before builders; constantly monitoring and assessing a large number of category markets, waiting for the right conditions to enter with a high quality product line, internationally recognized brand with sales through our global direct channels.
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