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With 15 years of working closely with major brands, we have programs and services focused on assisting brand lift and reducing time to market for connected products.
eBuyNow customers: Microsoft, Intel, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Yamaha


Enforce brand standards and report on the impact a licensee program has on your company’s brand value.
ProductLoop integrates, automates and reports on all the elements of a Licensee Management Program, including offering additional value added services that enable Licensees to meet global demands for their products.
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A rapid adoption Module, Server and App platform exclusively aimed at lowering the go to market time for major brands
PerimeterSafe is a firmware, server and App platform developed by eBuyNow to dramatically reduce the costs, risks and go to market time for new IoT product development.
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Our Services

We offer optional value added services that enable Brands and licensees to meet the growing online global demand for product and support.
Looking for global eCommerce, localized customer support or design services? Our extensive team can offer a host of specialized services to meet your needs.
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